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Uncommon Caribbean is Steve and Patrick Bennett, two brothers from St. Croix changing the way people think about travel to the Caribbean by putting authentic aspects of island life and the region's unique cultural heritage in the spotlight ahead of the glitzy, one-size fits all tourist trap image popularized over the years.


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    Sunday is beach day! Today we’re wishing we were back at the wide, incredibly white sands of Tropic of Cancer Beach on Little Exuma. Sometimes called by its official name, Pelican Beach, this magical strip of perfection has been called one of the prettiest in the whole Exuma chain… For reasons that should be obvious by the photo!

    #beach #beachlife #Bahamas #Exuma #Caribbean

    Bosom shaped on the outside and more than just a little suggestive looking on the inside, papaya for breakfast is an excellent way to add a little warmth from the West Indies to any day. It’s said that the papaya increases libido in women and boosts hormone levels for improved fertility. The fruit and its spicy, edible seeds (sometimes called papaya caviar) are also packed with vitamins A, C, Bs, E,  K, a natural digestive, antioxidant nutrients, potassium and magnesium. The perfect combination of all these nutrients promotes digestion and a healthy cardiovascular system for good blood flow… which obviously carries some bedroom benefits for guys as well.

    #papaya #breakfast #foodporn #nomnomnom #Caribbean

    When this is your greatest worry, you know you’re someplace great. #sweetmartinique #madinina #martinique (at ClubMed Martinique)

    Sunday is beach day! Which would be easy if we were back at @xeliter on the Samana peninsula or the Dominican Republic. Nestled between two rocky outcroppings, this approximately 100-yard beach greets lucky sun worshipers with slightly off-white sand, clear warm water, smooth waves, a picturesque line of palm trees, a rustic wooden facilities area, and some of the least salty sea water I’ve probably ever swam in.

    #instacaribbean #instatravel #caribbean #dominicanrepublic #domrep #samana

    It’s #NationalDaiquiriDay! That means we’ll be drinking these classics alllllllll day! Cheers!

    #rum #cocktail #caribbean #travelgram #instacaribbean #daiquiri

    On a recent visit to Curtain Bluff, I stayed in an older portion of the 50 year-old property, but you wouldn’t have know it. The remodeled deluxe room was well appointed with a rain shower, spacious bedroom, and, best of all, a terrance that lead straight out onto the sands of Surf Beach — complete with an idyllic hammock hung between two palm trees barely 10 feet from my door. With that kind of relaxing on the schedule, it’s no wonder I frequently hung this cheeky little door hanger outside to ward off interruptions!

    #antigua #resort #instacaribbean #instatravel #caribbean

    Get a head start on the rest of America by greeting the sun as it rises over the eastern most part of the country, Point Udall on St. Croix, US Virgin Islands.

    This isn’t quite all the way there, but rather the view from the nearby Solitude area of the island… Still it’s earlier than most!

    #stx #stcroix #sunrise #beach #usvi #caribbean #instatravel #instacaribbean

    You meet all kinds in Barbados! The Barbados green monkey was originally brought to the island from West Africa approximately 350 years ago. Over the 75 monkey generations since then, due to environmental differences and adaptations, the Barbados monkeys of today have different characteristics than those in West Africa.

    You can find these curious cousins mainly in the parishes of St.John, St.Joseph, St.Andrew and St.Thomas, where natural vegetation and woodlands still exist, especially in the gullies… And people’s gardens. 

    Every morning, we had a troupe saunter past our house in Fryers Well Bay! Good morning!

    #Barbados #monkeys #wildlife #instacaribbean #instatravel

    Simply can’t do #Barbados without fresh fish cakes! (And pepper sauce, of course!)

    #instatravel #instacaribbean #travelgram #traveldeeper #caribbean (at Sea Symphony Barbados)

    Swam with a little buddy in the turquoise waters off #Barbados yesterday.

    #travelgram #beach #turtle #snorkeling #instacaribbean (at Barbados)

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