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Uncommon Caribbean is Steve and Patrick Bennett, two brothers from St. Croix changing the way people think about travel to the Caribbean by putting authentic aspects of island life and the region's unique cultural heritage in the spotlight ahead of the glitzy, one-size fits all tourist trap image popularized over the years.


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    The best beaches in the Caribbean aren’t always the biggest. For my money, tiny Little Bay Beach bests the big guys.

    Surrounded by towering limestone cliffs, the only ways to reach this diminutive patch of sand is either by boat or by climbing down a rope. Not a rope ladder, mind you. Just a rope. Once you get to Little Bay Beach you can expect clear waters, solitude, sensational snorkeling, and even an intimidating boulder for daredevils to leap off. And if you’re extra lucky, you’ll be staying at @anivillas just up the cliff, so you can visit whenever you like!

    Wish you were here?

    #beach #travel #anguilla

    North of Santo Domingo, on an unassuming street, you’ll find a paint splattered sign adorned with an assortment of Taino gods in various states of undress. Emblazoned across the sign in reds and blues: Hnos. Guillén, or Los Hermanos Guillén.

    Over the past three generations, this family has dedicated themselves to collecting and reproducing native Taíno ceramic art as a way to preserve the history of Hispañola’s inhabitants before the European conquest. Or as their slogan states it:

    “Por nuestra identidad cultural!”

    #travel #dominicanrepublic #domrep

    What is Belizean bitters?

    Made of contribo bark, billy webb bark, and jackass bitters (all rain forest herbal remedies), plus a healthy amount of overproof rum, it’s a bitter brew said to settle the stomach, pull out colds, cleanse the blood, cure cancer, and, as with most West Indian concoctions, put some bite in your sexual bark.

    #Travel #rum #Belize

    My (Patrick’s) days of waking up to this view at the Chabil Mar Belize Resort may be behind me, but after a trip that included exploring the cayes, snorkeling with giant spotted eagle rays, eating amazing local food, climbing Mayan ruins, following spider monkeys in the jungle, drinking plenty of fresh fruit cocktails, and, of course, meeting great people—I have so much to share with you about beautiful Belize! What are your favorite Belize memories?

    It’s my (Patrick’s) last morning at Chabil Mar Belize Resort, so I’m starting the day right—with some of the best tacos I’ve ever tasted in my life! And better yet, each incredibly flavorful, hand-made taco cost just $1.50 BZD… That’s only 75¢ USD! I love street food for breakfast, how about you? (at Placencia Beach)

    It’s a long way up at Kat Witz aka Xunantunich, the more than three thousand year old Mayan center near the Guatemala border with Belize. At one point this 130-foot wonder was painted bright red and covered in fool’s gold to sparkle in the rising sun. What a magnificent sight that must have been! (at Xunantunich)

    I traded the beach for the bush! Amber Sunset Jungle Resort up in the jungles of Belize is an oasis of comfort in the wilds of the Cayo district. (at Amber Sunset Jungle Resort)

    Good morning again from Belize! Before I (Patrick) made it down here, I’d heard it said that “people don’t go to Belize for the beaches.” Well, after zooming around some of the 200 islands and islets off the coast and visiting Silk Caye pictured here (and just 45 minutes away from my room at Chabil Mar Belize Resort), I think some people are missing out. What do you think? (at Silk Caye, Belize)

    Good morning again from Placencia, Belize! First stop, Brewed Awakenings where the local coffee is roasted daily for the best cup of joe for miles! Next stop Silk Cayes. Ever been? (at Brewed Awakenings)

    This is called an Awesome Sauce from Barefoot Bar on the beach in Placencia, Belize. It’s a perfect mix of white rum, lime, fresh watermelon, and fresh mango. One of the most refreshing hot day drinks I’ve ever had! It must be tasted to be believed! (at Barefoot Beach Bar, Placencia, Belize)

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